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About Our Programs
WLi offers a series of Champion Programs that provide individuals and organizaitons with the outcome that matters most,  GREATER SUCCESS!   Our program concepts and delivery techniques have been developed over the past fifteen years to ensure each participant in any of our programs actually reach the sustainable success they desire.  We are not in the business of only providing new infomormation about a new theory that may excite temporarly but has no lasting effect.  Our programs are designed to make a lasting difference. 

Our programs are not some quick fix seminar, they require strong commitment and consistent dedication on your part over time.  If you are tired of programs that promise much, but only deliver short term results, if you want a program that will produce positive results that are sustainable, then our Champion Series Programs are the programs for you.

The Engine of Success
These programs are built around three fundamental concepts that our founder developed fifteen years ago after years of working in executive positions!  Discovery, Direction, Development are the elements that ensures each participant captures new opportunities for greater successe.  This concept starts by building  a foundation that defines clearly who it is you are.  The next element establishs a framework for future direction that allows effective execution to occur. The final element ensure you develop your human resources and develop systems to support their action such that you have the power to make real sustainable success happen!   Most importantly we teach you how to apply the three components to achieve success each day! 

Just learning a new set of facts will not change your succes.  Real change can only come by changing the very habits that produce attitudes, behaviors and results each day!  We will help build a Foundation, Establish a Framework, and Develop the  Power that will providing a method to achieve sustainable success! 

Our Technique
  Our methodology uses three basic techniques Building it In Not Bolting It On, The Triangle of Communications and The Success Agreement!   

Another important point is that this is not a lecture or a motivational speech program.  Rather we facilitate a process that instills new habits of thought and concepts of concentration.  Sustainable outcomes cannot be accomplished in a one day seminar.  They can be achieved only by applying better techniques over time.  Our  process ensures you have the ability to sustain your efforts and achieve success long after the program is over! 

The Schedule
Programs are completed through working one to two hours a week over a eight to fifteen week period. 
Our programs are offered as one-on-one coaching sessions, group session, web delivered programs and programs delivered for specific company needs at their location.

Laboratory Experience
During the time between each weekly session, you will have the opportunity to practice what you discovered in that weeks lesson.  Your work, school, family and general living environment are actually used as a laboratory for the program.  By applying what you learn you will build new success into your life each week!   Rather than just knowing new "things"  you will accomplishing new outcomes!   Champion Programs ensure that you achieve positive and predictable outcomes!

Our Promise to You

We ensure that if you work dillignetly with us through one of our Champion Program, complete all the activities and stay on course when the program is completed, you will reach the success level you desire.


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Champion Programs

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